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Gunnar Helland, 1914.  

The work I did on it:

Put a small wedge under the fingerboard to bring the projection (pointing of the fingerboard) up slightly.  

New nut, understring nut, and understring guide in the peg box.  All bone.

New bridge and sound post.

Replaced one missing piece of bone and smoothed out slight irregularities in the fingerboard.

Replaced one missing piece of pearl in the tailpiece.   Installed fine tuners for the first and second strings, and hooks for the third and fourth.  New hooks for the understrings.  New tail cord.  

Replaced the missing bone top-knot on one peg.   Put peg dope on all the pegs.  The pegs are the original wooden pegs - apple or some similar hard white wood, dyed black.  They work reasonably well.  Made a new tongue - the original was missing.

New strings and understrings.

Head above treble.jpg
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