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Torleiv Frøysaa, 1931

This fiddle needed very typical work:

New bridge, sound post, and bone nut.  

Added understring guides to the peg box.  Because of the geometry of the peg box, this fiddle needed two understring guides to keep the understrings from resting on the other strings and pegs.  

Shortened the string hooks.  I used a special-made fine tuner, which mounts through a tiny hole in the tail piece.  It weighs no more than one of the standard fine tuners. *


Worked over the fingerboard.  Replaced missing bone dots, and filled in worn spots.

Click on the picture for an enlargement.



*: Hey!  You're right!  How ugly and weird!  That was years ago.   I finally figured out how to make a light fine-tuner that looks normal, but takes only a 2mm hole in the tailpiece.  Take a look at the Erik Johnson Helland instrument, under "old instruments". 

The fiddle as brought to me.  The bridge was nicely made, but had been propped to be higher.

New nut and understring guides.

Replaced numerous bone dots,
and filled in worn spots.

New bridge.   Special fine tuner.

Hooks on tail piece were shortened.

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