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Restoration of Pegs

These are pegs from a fiddle by Eric Jonson Helland in 1862.  This is a fiddle that deserves to be treated as an antique.  What I did to the pegs of this fiddle:

I put new ebony shafts on all the pegs.

In addition, one of the pegs was missing its little bone topknot, and one of the pegs was missing the bone facings.  I replaced both the missing topknot and the missing facings.  The challenge was to match the look of the old bone.   I think I did pretty well.   Here are four pegs.  Can you tell which is the new topknot, and which is the new facing?

Note that Helland put little bone slips into the peg heads crosswise, presumably to anchor the bone facings.  This is the first instrument on which I have seen this.


Answer: the peg on the left has the new topknot.  The peg on the right has the new facings.

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