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Fiddle Repair

and Restoration

From a recent customer:

I love what you did with my fiddle. I love how smooth and solid everything  looks, how you filled the holes and repaired the fingerboard.

It plays and sounds great. Especially the G string is strong, and some tunes with difficult fingerings on the G-string that I could not play in the past - now I can!  I got it Saturday and played it for a dance on Sunday and again yesterday night.  SO much fun.

I would definitely like to meet you when you come here next time and push around the sound post. That will be fun, and after playing it a while I will know better where we should do something about the balance.

For now, thanks so much.

Over the past years, I have done a quite a lot of repair and restoration of Hardanger fiddles.  Here are a few pictures.  

Click on the picture for details

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