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Violin Repair and Restoration

Some work on a violin


Peg holes bushed,

new pegs.

New neck grafted to old peg box. 

New fingerboard and nut.

A customer bought a viola.  It was a high school instrument, with initials carved and painted all over.  When an accident happened, resulting in major cracks, it ended up at the flea market.  I overhauled it.  The initials are now invisible (except one, which I couldn't quite get rid of), the cracks repaired, the top and back both regraduated, and the instrument set up. Here's what the customer wrote:

Thanks so much for the great viola work! I played around with it for about an hour today, and am quite amazed at the quality of it. The tone and sound volume is even on all the strings. It has a light touch under the fingers, even when I play in higher positions. Also, the tone stays clear in the higher positions, and is still easy on the fingers!  It will be interesting to see how it matures as it gets used to making music again, after who knows how long.


Another view of the neck graft


New neck joins the body

New bridge and tailpiece

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