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"This fiddle is a very fine Anders C. Kleven fiddle, that I have owned for many years.  Though it was well set up when I got it, I have never been quite happy with the way it sounded.  It is only now after David Golber set it up for me again that I think it has really begun to sound the way I think it should."

Toby Weinberg, one of the best American Hardanger fiddle players, beginning a concert
at the 2004 annual workshop of the Hardanger Fiddle Association of America.

I am one of a very few luthiers on this side of the Atlantic with extensive experience with Hardanger fiddles.  I have been involved with these instruments for decades, and have spent many hours with top players and makers in Norway.  

A Hardanger fiddle from me, whether new or repaired, will be properly and  professionally set up, according to current Norwegian playing practice.

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